Lucifer 0002 – Embracing Armageddon


My Lucifer 0001 post was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago. Thankfully, it was recorded and so I share it here:

July 29, 2013 at 1:07pm

Friend:   Fredrick, why do you Christians fear the rule of the antichrist and the time of tribulation?  All the really good stuff you people look forward to happen AFTER the antichrist has risen and fallen.  It seems to me that y’all would like to just get it over with.

Me:  It’s not a matter of fearing.  At least it isn’t for me.  It is a matter of remaining vigilant so that we who believe don’t get taken by surprise and find ourselves on the wrong side.  Consider what happened to Judas.  Even though the betrayal of Jesus was inevitable, one of His own disciples fell into deception and became an agent of the arrest and execution of the Messiah.

Friend:  Yes, but your Messiah encouraged Judas to fulfill his not so secret plans.  He did not intervene.  He knew what Judas was planning to do, he know that his actions would facilitate a dark destiny and he did nothing to stop it.  The foreknowledge provided Jesus the opportunity to intervene, but he kept the traitor’s identity hidden for the most part.  He even told Judas to go do what he must.  Jesus chose Judas as a disciple, as one of the twelve, knowing his love for money and his tendency to scheme.  Jesus was not tricked into fulfilling the inevitable dark prophecies.  He aided it.  Maybe you Christians should follow the example of your Messiah, preserved and passed down in your very own scriptures.

Me:  Jesus cursed Judas.  I do not believe that Jesus chose to set His disciples up for failure.

Friend:  The scriptural prophecy concerning a traitor in the Messiah’s intimate circle would not have been fulfilled by a Judas who was a hero of faith.  The play inspired by God all those years ago required that someone be chosen to be the Messiah, and someone be chosen to be an anti-Hero.

Me:  Predestination is a difficult concept to grasp and articulate.

Friend:  Difficult…and irrelevant.  Why fight what your scriptures declare to be inevitable, if its conclusion is paradise on earth, the end of death, disease, and war.  Shoot, let me be the Antichrist.  What have I got to accomplish?  Establish rule over a united Europe?  That’s already underway.  Bring peace to the Middle East,  rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem,  and exalt myself over the Jewish god?  I think that I might, at the very least, keep that process going.

Me:  That is not funny.  Inevitability means you do not have to help it out.  And you shouldn’t.

Friend:  Well, tell that to Jesus.

Me:  I think you are just being insulting and rude.  The scripture says to be vigilant and that there is a risk of even the Elect being deceived.

Friend:   But when does this spiritual vigilance break down into social paranoia?  Ronald Reagan is generally considered to be a great American president.  Yet, because he feared becoming an agent of Armageddon, he would not properly use military forces in Lebanon and ended up getting hundreds of Marines slaughtered (1).

Me:  [Name withheld at request of friend], it is not the place of believers to facilitate evil.  We are encouraged not to take the Mark of the Beast, and this act will make us social outcastes.  If there is any evil that we allow, it is to be against our own persons, to serve as witnesses to our faithfulness regardless of what we must endure.

Friend:  Oh, here we go again. Watch out for the computer chips under our skin.  Computer tracking of human beings could end sex trafficking, protect our children from predators, and open the doorway to a resource based economy like project Venus (2).  But before that “Goddess of Love” can come and guide us into a better world, the God of War must come and be finally and completely rejected by mankind.  Before there can be a successful Venus project, there must be an overwhelmingly powerful Ares Project; so says the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Me:  I am not one of those that believe the mark is implanted chips or a government issued tattoo.  Just as the physical mark of circumcision of ancient Judaism is now an internal transformation marked in the heart of the faithful Christian believer (3), so the physiological Mark of Cain will be an internal transformation of the unbeliever.  I suspect the iconic number 666 is a rejection of the sixth day of human creation, the sixth commandment concerning the value of human life, and the sixth covenant in Israel.  Ultimately, the mark will be resisted by believing that God created us, that our individual lives are important and that we can cultivate a very personal, intimate relationship with God by developing the ability to stop and listen to the gentle, intuitive guidance of our Lady, the Holy Spirit, the Mother Goddess.  We must learn to overcome from within to manifest outward victory.

Friend:  Well, okay.  Interesting.  But Fredrick, there is another six you have to consider and that would be the six fold bad fruit of Apocalyptic eschatology.

Me:  All right, I’ll bite.

Friend:  Funny.

Me:  …although it is hard to swallow words like Apocalyptic eschatology.

Friend:  Look it up.  Apocalyptic eschatology produces social paranoia which breeds conspiracy subcultures.  A world polluted with fear squelches individualism.  There can be no internal overcoming in such a world.

Me:  That makes sense to me.  Perfect, completed love drives out fear.

Friend:  Secondly, it creates a culture of political and environmental abdication.  Why try to improve a world destined for destruction?  Waiting for god to do what is within our grasp to accomplish builds a community of cowards.

Me:  The end of the World does weight one down with a sense of futility.

Friend:  Third, it produces a fear of all thing popular and useful.

Me:  Well…

Friend:  Fourth, it depends on the development of Inverse Faith.

Me:  What the heck is Inverse Faith?  Or should I look that up too?

Friend:  It is the collateral damage of a vision set on the apocalypse.  Believers grow weary and apathetic as they wait for rescue.  The next milestones of prophecy are all things that will happen apparently without any action required from them.  They are to behave themselves and wait for evil to rise.  Their faith is subject to decay over time.  To offset this, centralized religion creates a mythology of demon possession and manifestations.  “See the demons;  if there are demons there is God.  And we are so lucky that the church is here to drive the invisible, monstrous, infections of the human soul back into hell.”  Inverse faith is believing in devils and trusting them to give the believer a sense of purpose.  When given free reign, we have inquisitors, crusaders, burning of witches and heretics, and censorship of thought.  Ignorance, superstition, and distrust abound.  Do you understand?

Me:  I’ve got it.  Go on.

Friend:  Okay.  The fifth bad fruit is the denial of death as a personal apocalypse. Think of the vast amount of resource we are willing to spend to overcome tragedies, to prevent cataclysmic events from swallowing us up.  Whether it be manmade or natural, we fight to prevent the end of our world.  Yet we are more accepting of the demise of an individual.  It is a terrible waste for me to live in fear of Armageddon when I am facing the end of my own organic life on this planet.  It is more effective for me to live my life with my inevitable end in mind.  We should be expending resource in obtaining individual immortality rather than embracing death as a spiritual process.  It needs to be stopped or better understood.  Every individual’s life is at least as significant as the world it occupies.  Whatever we are willing to do to prevent the destruction of our planet, should also be done to eliminate individual death, unless we are able to prove that death is an illusion that has been propagated by religion.  Then death needs to be modified with scientific discovery to eliminate this vile deception.

Me:  (Thoughtful Silence)

Friend:  Finally, it appears to me that we are more tolerant of present evil for fear of a future one.  A life of paralyzed piety is an example of the present evil I speak of.  Encouraged by the rhetoric of a possible grand evil that we might accidently and unwittingly align with is a burden that allows the tyranny of the clergy  to control and diminish individual expression.   Your Jesus said that there would come a time when these churchians and temple ghosts would kill individual believers sure that they are performing a service to God Himself. (4)  In context, your scripture views the murder of an individual as something far more than the termination of his organic life.  See for yourself (5).

Me:  I do not know about all that.

Friend:  Why don’t you take the example of your Messiah who saw the necessity for the anti-Hero, Judas.  In recent history we have seen the rise of the Napoleonic and Nazi anti-christs.  They served to bring about the European Union and the rebirth of the Israeli state.  Maybe it is the destiny of a third anti-christ to crystallize the EU into a world power that eclipses the US, and gets us out of global police duty.  Maybe it is time to focus on space exploration, human tracking and care, and building United Earth’s spiritual pursuits into a one world religion that promotes the highest and most effective qualities of the human race.  Every individual would only have to devote himself to his personal faith and the Faith of the Earth.  Every individual would need to learn only two languages to have a conversation with any other citizen of our planet, for all Earth citizens would be educated in their cultural language and an Earth Lingo promoted by the Faith of the Earth.  We cannot do that as long as we are waiting to spot a monster in human form.  A people who simply cannot trust one another, cannot trust themselves, can only trust a god that serves as a secret weapon.   If we go ahead and pull the trigger, we may evolve beyond the hunger for carnage.

Me:  That sounds good on some levels.  But I do not welcome an Earth engulfed in war.  I hope that is not the only path to paradise.




All links were extracted in July 2013, and as of July 2015, they are all still active.

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[] “President Ronald Reagan watched the film several days before its screening, on November 5, 1983.  He wrote in his diary that the film was “very effective and left me greatly depressed,” and that it changed his mind on the prevailing policy on a ‘nuclear war’.”

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Lucifer 0001 ~ Good News, the Antichrist is Coming


I was inspired to write this after seeing that Britain decided to Brexit the EU. This is why. In my own studies of history, I observed a pattern in Europe. According to mine and others understanding of Biblical prophesy, the Antichrist will rise out of Europe, the empire of Roman Iron and Barbaric Clay.

Rather than this being a singular event, I believe it is a cyclic one. The scriptures said ” …the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming, and is now already in the world.” (I John 4:3). So, when John was writing he testified that the spirit of the antichrist was already present.

I believe the purpose of this entity is to fill the collective human belly with so much war and hatred and to push us to the point of permanent self-destruction, so that we will become horrified at the thought of perpetuating the power of Cain to take life. When this is finally completed in full, we will enter a 1000 year period of self-examination to determine what human works are worth keeping and what needs to be discarded. After that, we will face once more the designated advisory of humanity for a final transformation as a species.

The cyclic event of the appearance of the antichrist appears to have three recurrences:

  1. European unity (empire of Iron and Clay)
  2. Targeting the greatest concentration of Jews within reach (Poland – now that would be Israel)
  3. The alienation and ultimate enmity with Britain and Russia

The Good News in all of this is that before we can transform as a species that deserves immortality, we must lose faith in murder and killing as our ultimate solution. The sooner the antichrist establishes its final manifestation, the sooner we can get on with an immortal existence in the presence of the Infinite One. I think we will ALL be surprised when that veil is finally torn between God and mankind.