Journey 0003 ~ The “Something More” Collaboration

My Father passed away on the 8th of August and I have experienced a period of breathing out my spirit energy. I have been unable to write. I have not been lost in grief because his passing was as it should be. He was surrounded by family on both sides of the Veil in those final moments. He was entirely ready to go. I had time to lovingly release him. I had no regrets because I was able to show my love and respect for him in word and deed.

Now I am getting my footing again.

This blog was a collaborative work between two like-minded individuals born of our connection in AA. The restorative concept of choosing a God of my own understanding brought the two of us together to write. I have since joined the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints – the Mormons. My writing partner is resistant to religious expression, so we have come to a bit of a fork in the road in our own spiritual cohession. We have discussed the possibility of establishing separate blogs. Yet our collaborative work has inspired us both to write.

There are others we work with from time to time and the discussion has been lengthy, confrontational, and yet we all orbit around the idea that there is something more than any of us are seeing. That feeling described in the movie Matrix is something we all grapple with regardless of the divergent paths we have chosen or that have chosen us.

There are now five of us in this team, feeding this blog. J-Endigar is the actual creator of this Temple of GOMU and his writing will retain the black.

I am FQ and my writing will be blue from now own. There are three other writers who have agreed to contribute; GF will write in purple, JE’s words will be red, and DL has chosen green. Our  differing thoughts will probably set us apart as well. 


Journey 0002 ~ Honor thy Father . . .

. . . and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee (Exodus 20:12).

My mother and Father loved one another during their Earthly union. Prior to her death, Mom was concerned about leaving Dad alone to face the remainder of his days in solitude. I had recently survived the hell of an unexpected divorce. I told her I would love for him to come live with me. Thus began our union of my impulsive creativity with his persistent and hopeful stability. I learned more about his life and the way he perceives family and devotion. He gained the vicarious pleasure of being witness to my adventures, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic – but never boring. Our last decade together is gold stored away. It is precious.

At the beginning of this year he went to the hospital with double pneumonia and came home diagnosed with an advanced case of COPD. He is on hospice and I am honored to be able to give back a little of what he has given me. Although his strength has improved over the past few months, his breathing is still a challenge.

I am grateful to have finished my graduate studies and to have connected with an Church fellowship before this new normal arrived. We will travel this final stretch together, God be willing.

Journey 0001 ~ I Testify

The Spirit of God intervened and drew me out. What has happened since my last writing and this moment is difficult to encapsulate. I have been baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and I am not sure that my mind has caught up to this new reality. I find myself wanting to be still and listen to that quiet but intensely personal voice of the Spirit. Last weekend I went into the Temple and participated in the baptism for those who have passed beyond the veil. The people of this community are invested into one another’s lives and to the service of Christ. I do believe that Joseph Smith was tasked with overcoming the work of Apostasy established in Europe and restoring the reality of the Work of Jesus Christ. There are elements of my family life that have been restored to me. I had been temporarily paralyzed in finishing my schoolwork and I suspected that my Father God desired to grab my attention before moving forward with teaching so that I could remember the purpose behind that calling. What I had not been able to accomplish in three months prior to baptism I was suddenly released to fulfill in a week. I am about to graduate this weekend with a nova burning in my heart ignited by purpose reborn.

So I am driven both as a new Mormon convert and a man devoted to fearless writing in my day to day life to document in this blog my journey in these “days of my probation.” Let’s see how this unfolds. I never imagined myself wearing the white shirt. I testify to the reality of the Holy Spirit’s leading in my life. I also testify to my gratitude for the work of the LDS missionaries and the embrace of the Mormon community in facilitating this connection with my God. I testify this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.