About the Words in this Site

My name is Fredrick, but I prefer to be called Rick. I count myself as a Christian Electman, which you have probably not heard of before. See, if I say that I am a Christian, then you will think that I am in agreement with your perspective of Christian dogma. You would probably be disappointed once you got to know me. If I told you that I am not a Christian, then you would probably think I reject all things Christian. That would also be a fallacy. I sometimes refer to myself as a Christian Heretic because I am in conflict with the first four decades of my life as a “Traditional Christian” on many key points. I do not believe in evangelism.  I do not embrace the Bible in its various forms as the infallible Word of God, and yet I do not reject its utility in daily living and spiritual guidance. I do not believe that there is any segment of humanity that is destined for eternal damnation in a lake of fire. I am open to changing my mind in the face of evidence in all things. I have gladly abandoned the us and them mentality of my religious past. I believe that I am a member of the Elect of Christ and that carries with it some lifestyle demands, and thus, the most accurate description of my own Christian expression is the term, “Electman.” Electwoman sounds cumbersome and the more inclusive Electperson sounds idiotically contrived. Maybe I should just say Elect.

With that brief sketch, I would like to add that there are seven guiding ideas in my Christian Walk. I summarize them below:

1.  [GOOD AND LASTING WORKS]I believe that there is a coming marital type union between a transformed humanity and the Infinite God. Prior to that there is coming a 1000 year period here on Earth in which all the good works of humanity that have survived the crucible of our current age will be worked out and used to help train us for that ultimate union with God. As an Elect, I seek to create and support good and lasting works for that millennial intermission. I look at my life with the hope that something I have done will exist in that next period of human transition.


2. [REINFORCE PATH] I define the Elect of Christ as those who are drawn to the Christian path, and just are not satisfied in life until they make that connection. I believe we were created to empower and support each other as members of the Elect, and support our fellow humans in any path toward good and lasting works that they have found. If they are not drawn to Christ directly, I do not believe the Elect should seek to proselytize them. We should only facilitate all to move forward in whatever path fulfills their lives. All works are tested in the crucible of this age, so expect resistance to any pursuit. There are two important terms to understand my words here and they are the acronym GOMU which means God Of My Understanding, and Personology.

The “God of my understanding” is a concept I inherited from a spiritual recovery group. It is one of 13 “heresies” that helped restore my faith during my post marital apocalypse. This leads me to the next term.

Personology is a word I created by splicing Personal Mythology. Because the denotation of mythology is something not true but fabricated from imagination, it was inadequate to describe what I meant when I said Personal Mythology. There are four parameters that define one’s Personology:

  • Creative Story Writing to capture elusive or paradoxical concepts and express them with the simplest clarity possible
  • Spiritual Hypothesis Testing to explore incoming evidence and ongoing experience with life beyond the organic veil
  • Establishes a Peace Treaty with the swirling chaos and mystery of our environment
  • Provides Pragmatic Inspiration for the living of our individual mortal lives


3. [EMPOWER HUMAN COVENANTS] A covenant, as I use the word here, is an agreement between some aspect of humanity and their GOMU. These are more powerful than contractual arrangements and are directly linked to one’s personology. The Elect does what is necessary to support and empower human covenants, and this is the primary motivation for an Elect to pray, meditate, and sacrifice.


4. [TRINITY OF GOD AND MAN] I believe that when the Scripture says that Humanity was created in the image of God, it is specifically focusing on the trinity. The prospect that the one God is expressed in three persons can be found in the reality that an individual man is expressed in three persons. My will-mind is Rick the Father, my heart-essence is Rick the Spirit, and my id-body is Rick the Son. No one talks to Rick the Father without going through Rick the Son, which is my interactive representative. If you are an Elect, there is no getting to your GOMU without interaction with the Christ and His teachings. If you walk another path, there are similar prerequisite representatives of that path that guide you to your GOMU.


5. [INFINITY OF GOD AND MAN] God is the identifying expression for an infinite being who is all powerful and all knowing. Jesus Christ is both a historical man and a person of the Infinite God. This is my current personology. Humanity is a hybrid of dominant organic beast and spirit energy Godchild that is either dormant or embryonic. All humanity is a collective of gods and goddesses in training. The mission of Christ was to open the door to an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit in its manifold expression. When I think of the hybrid structure of humanity, I think of lichen which is a composite organism made up of a fungus that grows symbiotically with an alga or a cyanobacterium. A human is a composite organism made up of an organic cellular collective we call our body that grows symbiotically with a spirit entity made of energy primarily connected to the neurons of the brain and flowing through the water of the body, and intelligently guided by the body’s blood. Science and religion will converge and transform when we develop a tool that can detect spirit energy. I think we will also see that outer space is not as empty of life as it currently seems. 


6. [UTILITY TRUTH] Utility Truth is relevant and useful to humanity because of our finite nature. Although I believe there is absolute truth, it is an ideal to orbit but not something to possess, and in day to day living, is pretty irrelevant. This has impact on the concept of the Bible being the infallible Word of God. In our various personologies, we are all finitely or contextually correct, and infinitely wrong. So we make use of what works for us.

At the helm

7. [STEWARDSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES] I believe all humanity has a profound responsibility in conjunction with our existential awareness to steward our finite expanse. This requires that we grow in power through cooperation. This is a responsibility the Elect must thoroughly embrace.



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