Spirit 0001: A Gift to My Daughter

This is going to be a series of writings or remembrances based on my daughter’s request that I convey ideas about parenting to her. When I was parenting, it was based on the idea that I was accountable to their Creator, to their GOMU. My wife and I were the first representatives of the God voice in their lives. I strove not to be a hindrance to their spiritual perspectives of God’s masculine aspect.

The human body changes out cells roughly every seven years. So every seven years, we naturally experience a growth and development period. During the first 3 growth/dev periods, much is done automatically and our primary purpose is to absorb from our environment. Children are master absorbers. The are spiritually open and vulnerable. They also have an encoded Word of the Higher Power within them. Spirits, agents of he Higher Power, whatever – they guard the vulnerable absorbing humans, to protect their little manifestation of the Word. Roughly, that is about the first 21 years of life. The last period is an adult trainee period where absorbing is giving way to the manifestation of the Will within the interactive reality. These next 4 growth / development periods are out most Interactive, and that is our purpose. We need to bring our Will (hopefully more and more empowered by Word) to bear on the group conscience, the interactive world. This time thus lasts roughly from 21 to 49. One key element of interaction is that growth is no long automatic. As demonstrated by the discipline of exercise and other interactive pursuits, it is the willingness to feel and process pain that causes us to grow, to manifest Will, to connect…so on. 49 and beyond are the transference years. It is now time to give back what you have gained from your childhood absorption, and your adult interactions. This final group of growth / development periods our purpose, our need, is to transcend. Hopefully, the group conscience can benefit from the Transcenders matured Will and Word. I believe that God guards this process and the Word implanted in each of us, or own particular expression of the Higher Power.

These are some basic thoughts that guided me in my own parenting. There are more to come, my daughter. And whoever else might read.

NOTE: I put this under Spirit because there was so much intuitive guidance and being a parent is such a god-like role. . . I suspect though, that I probably should have put it under Elect.


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